6. Organization

Core Value:Organization

  • Coming up with a plan.  
  • Knowing the rules. 
  •  Working with your teammates.

Keeping Equipment Organized

Review your Esports League equipment organization set up with your instructor. 

Esports League Rules

Review your Esports League rules with your instructor. 

Plan for Playing

Planning while playing keeps us organized and keeps Esports League fair. 

  • Today we will make a plan led by the President and Vice President. They will work together with the team to decide how to be organized to play Esports games.

Examples of Organizing Play

  • Use a list to track players and cross off names after they play
  • Use a bracket method to include everyone
  • Break the team into groups and have groups cycle through
  • Use a random name generator to pick students to play against one another

Purposeful Play

  • Now we will take some time to play Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros! 
  • Don’t forget about the Core Values we have learned about and practice them as you play today: 
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Ethics
    • Social Responsibility
    • Organization
  • Use the decisions you made today and put them into action.

Sketch & Tell Exit Ticket

  • Sketch: How it felt having Esports organized today. 
  • Tell: Compare the last purposeful play with today. 

Wrap Up

  • When and what time is the next meeting?
  • Do you have any comments or questions about today that you forgot to ask?