5. Introduction to Super Smash Bros

Core Value: Social Responsibility

  • Supporting your team 
  • Communicating with team members

Roles Review

  • President: The leader of the team, monitors the goals of the league, and helps resolve gaming disputes. 
  • Vice President: Assists the President and if the President is not available, the Vice President takes over. 
  • League Ambassador: Assists the instructor, is the spokesperson for the team at competitions, and is in charge of knowing the competition rules. 
  • Equipment Managers: Have knowledge of the equipment, assist in keeping the software updated, and ensuring the equipment is put away at the end of each session.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Introduction

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a crossover fighting game from Nintendo that includes memorable characters like Mario, Zelda, Pickachu, and more.

Controls When Playing

Playing Menu- Playing Mode

On this screen, you can pick your playing mode. For today, we will start with Smash. 

Playing Menu- Game Modes

On this screen, you can pick your type of Smash: 

  • Smash: Select your stages, set the rules, and smash with up to eight players total!
  • Squad Strike: Create a team of 3 or 5 fighters and take on your opponent’s squad one by one in a multi-fighter battle.
  • Tourney: Fight your way to the finish in a player tournament. You can have up to 32 people in the tournament, and you can even choose the type of brackets you’d like for your tournament.
  • Special Smash: You and a friend can play through the full roster to see who comes out on top in Smashdown. And in Custom Smash, you can set all kinds of options for your battle.

(Credit: smashbros.com)

Playing Menu- Smash Style Type

There are four different Smash types that you can pick from in the section that are all editable:

  • Create Ruleset: Create your own rules
  • Normal: Standard Super Smash Bros Ultimate play
  • 3 Stock/Wins: No time limit, 3 lives, no spirits, and the first to 3 defeats win
  • Time: You have 2:30 to play; the first defeat wins.

Style Types

There are 3 different styles when playing SSBU:

  • Time: Battle for the best KO Score within the time limit
  • Stock: The last fighter standing wins
  • Stamina: When your stamina runs out, you are out

Playing Menu- Character Selection

This is where you can pick your characters and the more you play the more characters you will unlock. Click add members in the bottom right corner, you can add up to 8 players.

Playing Menu- Character Selection

This screen shows what it looks like when you add more members to play. 

Ready to Fight!

Once everyone has picked their players, press the + symbol and the fight will start

Purposeful Play

  • Now we will take some time to play Super Smash Bros! 
  • Don’t forget about the Core Values we have learned about and practice them as you play today: 
    • Social Responsibility
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Ethics

Sketch & Tell Exit Ticket

  • Sketch: A character that you used during your purposeful play. 
  • Tell: How you showed social responsibility, ethics, or technical knowledge today.

Wrap Up

  • Which game do you like more, Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros?
  • When and what time is the next meeting?