Activity #1: Foam Roller Coasters

Materials:  marble(s), foam pipes, scissors, masking tape, measuring tape, misc., paper cups, plastic cups, safety glasses. 

Part 1: Carefully view the below video and complete the summary in your workbook. 

Part 2: Carefully observe the images and videos below to learn how to build your own roller coaster out foam pipe and a marble. Summarize features you would like your roller coaster to have in your workbook. 

Part 3: Analyze your available materials and develop a plan for your roller coaster with your team. Sketch a drawing of your coaster in your notebook and insert an image of the picture in your notebook.  

Part 4: Using the provided materials, construct a roller coaster that guides your marble through at least one loop, one turn, and one jump. Wear safety glasses. Additionally, label the area of highest potential energy with a piece of tape marked “Max PE” and the area of highest kinetic energy with a piece marked “Max KE.” Take a picture of your entire roller coaster, and regions of Max PE and and Max KE and insert images into your workbook. 

Part 5: Record a video of your marble completing the entire roller coaster. Enter your first name in the “Subject” field. Below, you will find a QR code to simplify the upload process.

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