Activity #2: Programming Constant Velocity

Materials: edison robot kit

Part I: Watch the below video to learn how to program your Edison Robot directly using the EdScratch programming language. 

Part 2: Click here to to access the EdScratch programming environment. Using what you learned in “Part I” load and implement the demo codes in EdScratch. See the screenshots below for access assistance. Reflect on how the output of your Edison Robot relates to the structure of each code. 

Part 3:  The below screenshot shows the first “demo” code from the previous activity. Write and modify the below code to perform different movements and outputs of your choice. Consider changing the “repeat” frequency, movement direction, speed, LED behavior, etc. 

Part 4:  Using the code from “Part III” as a foundation, create and implement a new code that instructs Edison to move forward at a constant velocity for 3 seconds, turn around, and return to its starting point at the same constant velocity. Click here for an example of an object moving at a constant velocity. Collect and record data on distance and time to demonstrate that Edison is maintaining a constant velocity in both directions. Record your data in your workbook.