Activity #2: Barbie Bungee Jump

Materials: measuring tape, rubber bands, barbies, ladder or stool, drop region (~ 15 ft), safety glasses. 

Part 1: Carefully view the below video, focusing your attention on the bungee jump portion at the end. Complete the summary in your workbook. 

Part 2: Prepare your Barbie for a bungee jump using the information in the below video. 

Part 3: Work with your team to maximize the transfer of gravitational potential energy (GPE) to elastic potential energy (EPE) while keeping Barbie safe. Aim for the longest drop without Barbie touching the ground. Remember to wear safety glasses. Once you achieve your best and safest jump, record a video, and upload it below. Enter your first name in the “Subject” field. Use the QR code provided to simplify the upload process.

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