Day 1 (Earthquake-Proof Challenge & Game Design)

Instructions (Part I): Carefully View the below video for an introduction to your challenge. 

Instructions (Part II): Imagine a method for creating the tallest possible earthquake-proof building using only your gumdrops and toothpicks. You will be asked to simulate an earthquake using the method below.

Instructions (Part III): Reflect on a possible structural design method and make a clear sketch of your idea on a sheet of paper. You will construct your building on a piece of cardboard as shown above. Below are a two different examples. Prepare to share your drawing with the class. 

Instructions (Part IV): Using your drawing as a guide, construct your earthquake-proof building. In preparation for testing, carefully remove one side of the cardboard box your materials arrived in to use as your base. Your building must be freestanding. 

Instructions (Part V): Test how earthquake-proof your building is using the method shown above. Keep your motions constant so you can compare different trials accurately. During each “quake” make a note of your structure’s strengths and weakness for future adjustment. 

Instructions (VI): Review the strengths and weaknesses from your tests. Make any necessary revisions you like and test how earthquake-proof your new revision is using the same method from before. Take a picture of your best structure and share it below. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. Once all images are uploaded, spend some time reviewing each structure and provide a few lines of written feedback in the comment section. 

Made with Padlet

Instructions (Part I): Click here and make an account with Scratch. Once logged in, click “Ideas” on the main menu then click the “Choose a tutorial” box below. Follow along with your instructor as they help you move through the “Chase” game and the “Pong” game tutorials to familiarize yourself with the Scratch programming interface. See screenshot below. 

Instructions (Part II): Carefully follow along (pausing and replaying when needed) with the below video to create your own basic Tello Remote Control (RC) Drone Flight Game in Scratch. 

Instructions (Part III): Title your program “Tello RC Drone Flight Game” and save it. You will add additional features to your program tomorrow!