Day 3 (Autonomous Drone Airshow)

Instructions (Part I):  Carefully view the below inspiring video to see the possibilities with autonomous drone programming! 

Instructions (Part II):  Reflect on the drone programming and flight skills you have learned thus far. Keeping your reflection in mind, imagine a ~ 30 second drone airshow of your own in which your drone takes off, completes a series of creative maneuvers and lands. 

Instructions (Part III):  Using the simulator (click here), write and test your drone airshow program. Make any necessary modifications before testing on your physical drone. 

Instructions (Part IV):  Test your airshow program on your physical drone. Continue to revise and test until your drone can complete your airshow in ~ 30 seconds. Record a video of your drone airshow. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.  A QR code is provided below for ease of upload.

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