Day 1 (Scribbling Robot Icebreaker & Digital Citizenship Lesson #1)

Scribbling Robot Icebreaker

Instructions (Part I): For your first task, you will get to know your classmates by building a Scribbling Robot! Watch the video below for an example of how a similar Scribbling Robot in action! Click here for another example of a Scribbling Robot.

Instructions (Part II): Using your materials and the images shown below as a guide, find a partner or group and build a Scribbling Robot. When done, secure a large piece of white paper to the ground, and let your Robot create its own unique pattern! Circulate the room and observe other Scribbling Robots. 

Additional Challenges:

  • Try to create a perfect circle with your Scribble Bot. 

  • Change the position of the markers, motor, or batteries to see what changes occur. 

  • Tie together multiple Scribble Bots and experiment.

Digital Citizenship Lesson #1

Instructions (Part I): Carefully view the below video titled Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected”

Instructions (Part II): After viewing the above video, find a partner or group and discuss the following: 

  • What media habits did teens talk about? 
  • What features of design hooked them? 
  • Do you think their media habits add value and meaning to their lives? Explain. 

Instructions (Part III): Carefully review the definition of “Addictive” and the definition of “Humane” design below. 

Instructions (Part IV): After reviewing the definitions above, return to your original partner/group, and using a separate piece of paper, complete the following activity. Share your reflections with other classmates when done.