Day 4 (Game Design cont. & MakeyMakey Controller Introduction)

Game Design cont.

InstructionsComplete Lessons 10-13 as shown in the screenshot below. Although you will be completing these lessons individually, work next to a partner or group so you can share ideas and troubleshoot together! 

MakeyMakey Controller Introduction

Instructions (Part I): Open your MakeyMakey kit and carefully lay out all of the materials. See the below image.

Instructions (Part II): Carefully view the below introduction videos to obtain a general idea of what the MakeyMakey is capable of. 

Instructions (Part III): Carefully study the below videos to learn how to set up and begin using your MakeyMakey. 

Instructions (Part IV): Carefully study the below videos to learn how to create MakeyMakey switches and buttons. 

Instructions (Part IV): Using the above videos as a guide, and the materials provided, build a MakeyMakey controller to play one of the “Plug and Play MakeyMakey Apps” found here. Next week, you will modify you MakeyMakey controller to interface with the video game you will create.