Get kids curious about learning utilizing the inquiry model!

  • Created for teachers, by teachers
  • Low barrier to entry, high ceiling of opportunity


  • Helps build community
  • Friendly competition, purposeful play
  • Modeling and learning about leadership
  • Work on communication
  • Build empathy
  • 40+ hours of content

Drone League

  • Learn about the engineering design process
  • Learn about drones and how to use them safely
  • Problem solve, collaborate, communicate, use creativity, and think critically
  • Learn now to use block-based coding
  • Work with your team to solve a series of problems
  • 26+ hours of content


  • Engineering design challenges
  • Music, art, 3D design and more
  • Friendly competition
  • Hands-on projects
  • Get students excited about STEAM concepts
  • 40+ hours of content


  • Created by authors of two bestselling Minecraft books!
  • Students build, discover and play to practice teamwork and SEL
  • We connect education concepts with in-game play
  • 40+ hours of content